Public Speaking

Public Speaking

How to handle a speech in public?

Making an oral presentation is not just about speech or voice projection.

– First obstacle to overcome: fear. That’s why, a first phase requires trust and reconciliation with errors.

– Then, decentering your performance to connect to the audience. The intention must be turned towards the audience, not towards yourself.

– Finally, breathe your speech in order to captivate and convince.

From exercises used in improvisational theater and situations, the training “Speaking in public” allows to acquire:

  • The essential posture to create a connection with your audience
  • Flexibility to adapt to the reactions of the audience
  • The implication of verbal and nonverbal language to embody
  • The writing technique to captivate and convince
  • The fundamental elements to create a medium that will carry your words

Duration:  2 days + 1 day / 21 hours

Target audience: Anyone who wants to improve in public speaking

Pre-requisite : None

Size of the group: 4 to 12 people


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