Commercial Negotiating

A successful negotiation is a based on a win-win relation. The challenge is to find the right posture to ensure a profitable and sustainable business relationship. That’s the reason why trainees will explore several concepts:

– Identify the different types of negotiation strategies and identify the phenomena of incentives that they can generate

– Identify the cultural obstacles to the performance in negotiation in order to eliminate them

– Prepare the negotiation by understanding the environment and context of the other party. Set up your fallback solution.

– Use informal times to gather strategic elements and connect with the interlocutor.

– Adapt a flexible and responsive posture to advance the negotiation to its conclusion

Type  Training with other companies

Target audience: Managers, Sales-people, Buyers, Independants

Pre-requisite : Your professional experience

Training location: Lyon – Villeurbanne

Trainer : Belkacem Settouti

Size of the group: 6 to 10 people

Price : 1200 € Tax-free

next session : 17 & 18 December 2018 in Lyon


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