Leading effective meeting

Leading effective meeting with acting techniques

Forget about endless meetings. Have them both productive and creative. By the end of this training course, and thanks to improv theater tools, you will be able to :

  1. – plan a meeting making strong choices about format, location, environnement and duration
  2. – prepare by sharpenning your meeting objective and identifying the list of participants
  3. – conduct a meeting by developping and adaptating  leadership, with acting techniques.
  4. – manage participation and energy levels involving strong communication skills

Next training sessions :

  • 12 et 13 november 2018 in Lyon
  • 11 et 12 décember 2018 in Grenoble

Duration : 2 days – 14 hours

Target audience : Team leaders and members who want to learn how to run effective meeting

Prerequisites : Anyone interested in improving their skills in meeting management

Group size : Between 4 and 12 persons


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